Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two. Oh! Too much!

I am the mother of a two year old.

Sock Pile Hangout.

 I am the mother of a 36 inch tall 2 year old. That makes him three feet tall. I am six feet tall. Desmond is literally half my size.

I don't know how this happened so quickly.  I don't know how he learned to say so many things: Bicycle!  Playground! Stop it! There are hundreds of words all waiting to make their way into sentences any second now. The speech cork is about to pop, and there are So Many Things to talk about. Like Hot Rods:

We spent Desmond's second birthday at the local park by the river and were joined by friends and family- some of which came from a county or two away just to spend some time with us. I was touched by those people that traveled and so many took time to make and pick out gifts of the toys they loved as kids- a giant tonka dump truck, large lego blocks, and a sock-monster, hand made by a family member. Rob spent HOURS putting together D's new play kitchen that came in the mail in about 750 pieces. At least it doesn't take batteries.

Desmond took it upon himself to climb onto a grill. I had to soak his clothes in simple green.

I am the mother of a great kid. A lot of people say that about their kids, and of course it's true. Kids, in general, are pretty freakin' great. Desmond is the best kid I could have hoped for- he is laid back, funny, loves to dance, loves to eat. We can take walks together all over and explore the whole world. Every story we read, every meal we share, all the pictures we draw and puddles we play in- I get to know this little man more and more, and as he becomes his own person I am more and more proud of him. I am so lucky to be his mom.



9 pounds 4.8 oz
21 1/4"
First Dr. Visit
9 pounds 2 oz

Second Dr. Visit
9 pounds 12 oz
Visit to midwives 10 pounds 11 oz

Two Month Visit 14 pounds 7 oz
23 1/4"
Four Month Visit 18 pounds 5 oz
26 1/2"
Six Month Visit
21 pounds 3 oz
27 1/2"
Nine Month Visit 24 pounds 8 oz
29 1/2"
One Year Visit
25 pounds 14 oz
30 1/4"
18 Month Visit
30 pounds 3 oz
33 1/2"
2 Year Visit
32 pounds 4 oz