Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 21: Human Bouncy Castle

We are more than 1/2 way through this pregnancy and I can feel little Blobby Layne moving more and more every day. Mostly gentle moving around rather than punches to my internal organs.  My belly is getting bigger and I have found some creative ways to continue wearing non-maternity pants.  As the title of this week's post suggests I am starting to feel like an inflated human bouncy castle.

We have a girl's name picked out. We don't have anything appropriate chosen for a boy.  There has been a lot of talk about names and thanks to one friend, a historian and librarian, we have run through the names of all the US presidents (first and last names) and all of the conquerors of Europe and vetoed them all.  My boy will not be named Constantine, I don't want him beat up on a playground.
So, dear readers, please leave your suggestions for a name in the comments.  No guarantee we will use  what you suggest, but we will take it under advisement, or maybe have a good laugh. You all voted well and a boy it is; lets see if we can name him too!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 19: Hang on, little tomato.

The internet is telling me that the little Layne is now the size of an heirloom tomato. This baby resembles an uglyripe and I look as though I swallowed several whole:

In a week from now we will know if ClayWanda is really a Clay or a Wanda- we will be going in for the 20 week ultrasound and if the tomato cooperates and gives up the goods we will be reporting back to all of you if we are having a boy or a girl (or tap dancing Zebra). We will see if your votes really mean anything and whose guesses were correct, and who makes a few bucks off the betting pool.

Watch this space to find out if there is a stem on the tomato.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 18: things and stuff

With approximately 5 months to go, the baby's stuff is already taking over. Our wonderful friends Becky and Dean gave us the crib/dresser/changing table/awesome piece of baby furniture that once assembled will look like this:

Currently this is in pieces in our bedroom, hallway and living room and before we can set anything up there needs to be a bit of cleaning out and rearranging. Never fear, though, as it is getting plenty of use as is.  The destructive monkeys that call themselves our cats have put the parts to good use:

So as we collect all the things and stuff that one needs when there is a baby we have pledged to reuse and re-purpose as much as we can.  It was wonderful and generous of our friends to pass along this crib, and many people with whom I work have promised to pass along baby things their children have outgrown. My friend Lauren V. has passed maternity clothes to me, and in turn we will either pass them back or onto other families that need them. Isn't that lovely?

In other news, this is the COOLEST NIGHTLIGHT EVER, and you get 100 extra cool-kid points if you get the musical reference, leave your guesses in the comments:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 17: ClayWanda gets some culture.

Week 17: Little Blobby Layne is about the size of a turnip and I am starting to feel those wee arms and legs poke my insides:  It has been an exciting week in utero, starting with Baby's First show, Gogol Bordello last Tuesday and culminating in a huge NYE way out in the county at a friend's home where J.P. Harris played Honkey Tonk all night.  We danced, we danced with other people and I had perhaps the best New Year to date.

We went in for a checkup this week and the midwife (who recognized me from my story time days- yep, I read to her kids too...) had a heck of a time finding a heart beat.  You know that noise you get when you answer the phone when someone accidentally pocket dials you? The static and thumps? That's all we heard for the fist minute until the baby finally quit dancing around in there long enough for us to hear a very strong heartbeat (166 beats per minute for those that want to guess at gender).  All is well in there.

Thank you to those that have voted! Your votes are being tied DIRECTLY into the actual outcome, and I am excited, _I think_, that more of you have chosen 'Tap Dancing Zebra' than a female child. You have some time left to vote, lets make this one count.