Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 17: ClayWanda gets some culture.

Week 17: Little Blobby Layne is about the size of a turnip and I am starting to feel those wee arms and legs poke my insides:  It has been an exciting week in utero, starting with Baby's First show, Gogol Bordello last Tuesday and culminating in a huge NYE way out in the county at a friend's home where J.P. Harris played Honkey Tonk all night.  We danced, we danced with other people and I had perhaps the best New Year to date.

We went in for a checkup this week and the midwife (who recognized me from my story time days- yep, I read to her kids too...) had a heck of a time finding a heart beat.  You know that noise you get when you answer the phone when someone accidentally pocket dials you? The static and thumps? That's all we heard for the fist minute until the baby finally quit dancing around in there long enough for us to hear a very strong heartbeat (166 beats per minute for those that want to guess at gender).  All is well in there.

Thank you to those that have voted! Your votes are being tied DIRECTLY into the actual outcome, and I am excited, _I think_, that more of you have chosen 'Tap Dancing Zebra' than a female child. You have some time left to vote, lets make this one count.

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