Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 21: Human Bouncy Castle

We are more than 1/2 way through this pregnancy and I can feel little Blobby Layne moving more and more every day. Mostly gentle moving around rather than punches to my internal organs.  My belly is getting bigger and I have found some creative ways to continue wearing non-maternity pants.  As the title of this week's post suggests I am starting to feel like an inflated human bouncy castle.

We have a girl's name picked out. We don't have anything appropriate chosen for a boy.  There has been a lot of talk about names and thanks to one friend, a historian and librarian, we have run through the names of all the US presidents (first and last names) and all of the conquerors of Europe and vetoed them all.  My boy will not be named Constantine, I don't want him beat up on a playground.
So, dear readers, please leave your suggestions for a name in the comments.  No guarantee we will use  what you suggest, but we will take it under advisement, or maybe have a good laugh. You all voted well and a boy it is; lets see if we can name him too!


  1. Evelyn says name him Edward (Think Twilight)
    Elisabeth- Stephen
    Lyston- Lech Walesa (Polish: Lech Wałęsa)

    Why not try a combo for your both of your Father's Names or your Mother's Father.

  2. Tell Lyston I'll consider it if the kiddo is born with a mustache.

  3. I can understand why you wouldn't your little "Connie" beaten up, but.... Millard? There's a manly name ;)

    For some reason, I think he should have a Rockabilly name-- something rad and obstreperous that has a cool nickname, like Zebulon or Obediah or Jedidiah (NO ONE is going to mess with a Zeb, an Obie or a Jed, you know?).

  4. I like: Hunter, River ( phoenix>), Colton.

  5. You'd be surprised how many SOHO boys are named constantine/konstantine. My husband says Todd is a good name (surprise!). I am still partial to Max and Henry. There's always rockstar names: Hendrix, Bowie, Jagger (for real real, those are kids' names at my old job). There are a fair number of Ezra's, Todd liked Xavier a while back, or Xander. OH! I found my list of names (soem are girls names but still amusing, some seem like girls names but aren't. Oh, Soho!):
    Famous: Ringo, Thelonious, Darwin, Valentino, Harlow, Guthrie, Ulysses,
    Celestial: Orion, Nova, Aurora, Isis, Soleil, Odin, Zion, Titus, Eden,
    Intangibles: Justice, Faith, Maxim, Glory,
    Places: Trenton, Brooklyn (trenton and brooklyn were related, the family lived in brooklyn, had one kid, then moved to jersey! good story!), Dallas, Virginia, Sydney, Paris, India, Georgia, Dakota, Savannah, Austin, Memphis, Carolina, Hollis, Sierra, Hudson, Lexington, Rio, Vienna,
    Colors: Grey, Scarlett, Lilac, Ruby, Opaline, Ebony, Pearl, Hazel,
    Earthy: Flora, Clover, Azalea, Lily, Clementine, Willow, Sparrow, Peregrine, Olive, Basil, Ceder, River, Jasmine, Iris, Astor, Daisy, Ginger
    Action: Chase, Maverick, Hunter, Sway, Scout, Jett, Fisher
    Seasonal: August, April, Autumn, Valentine, Summer
    Things: Jewel, Gyspy, Sahteene
    Wacky: Leeloo, Zoel, Zellie, Lula, Lulu, Inka, Zohara, Zebulon, Lalibela, Zeynabou, Zazie

  6. You look fabulous birdie girl. xoxoxo
    wundie even...

  7. these are free... and a few of my favorites that didn't make the cut for our own monkeys. (er, well, at least didn't make it for the boy.)

    utah (yes, like the state.)
    errol (Errol Layne sounds really good.)
    albin (means "large glory." i find that amusing)

    adam recommends "otto" (don't do it.)

    we are thinking of you during this wonderful incubation period.


  8. Lyston had another suggestion how about "Notme Ididn'tdoit " Layne It will save you a lot of Headaches. any questions look at my FB status from Friday.

  9. Charlie - my personal favorite - with a nickname if Chaz - Heather

  10. We had so much trouble picking our girls names! But for boys we had Calum Thomas, Gabriel Richard, and Owen Matthew (we'll save those for next time I guess!). Here's my list for you guys of more distinctive names:


    You could always pay homage to Polish heritage with Aurek, Jarek, Cyrek, Henryk, Kaspar, Konrad, Marek, Nicolai, Pawel, or Teodor.