Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 18: things and stuff

With approximately 5 months to go, the baby's stuff is already taking over. Our wonderful friends Becky and Dean gave us the crib/dresser/changing table/awesome piece of baby furniture that once assembled will look like this:

Currently this is in pieces in our bedroom, hallway and living room and before we can set anything up there needs to be a bit of cleaning out and rearranging. Never fear, though, as it is getting plenty of use as is.  The destructive monkeys that call themselves our cats have put the parts to good use:

So as we collect all the things and stuff that one needs when there is a baby we have pledged to reuse and re-purpose as much as we can.  It was wonderful and generous of our friends to pass along this crib, and many people with whom I work have promised to pass along baby things their children have outgrown. My friend Lauren V. has passed maternity clothes to me, and in turn we will either pass them back or onto other families that need them. Isn't that lovely?

In other news, this is the COOLEST NIGHTLIGHT EVER, and you get 100 extra cool-kid points if you get the musical reference, leave your guesses in the comments:


  1. They Might Be Giants! I have a girlfriend that would flip over that. And she's a new mommy again. Hmm...

  2. I have totally 'liked' the blue canary nightlight on facebook, and I always get the song stuck in my head!

  3. "I'm your only friend, I'm not your only friend, but I'm a little glowing friend, but really I'm not actually your friend... (best bit): Though I respect that a lot, I'd be fired if that were my job, after killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts!"
    LOVE THAT SONG!! Do you have ultrasound pics??? Miss you so much Mama!! =0)