Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 24: The baby is eating my brain.

Look at that face. I look happy as though I had good sense.

I have entered that stage of the pregnancy that some people call, 'pregnancy brain'.  I call this the 'can't remember sh*t' phase.

For example,  I look down at my own ankles a few times a day and am cruelly reminded that they no longer resemble the skinny ankles I once knew.  

Rob thoughtfully brought up the word 'cankles'- as in my calves and my ankles  have morphed into one. He was promptly rewarded with what I call the 'eat sh*t face'.


  1. Honey, I love you but I'm sorry to say that your ankles will become even less ankley and more elephant foot-y and your brain will become even more swiss-cheesey. You probably wont see them (ankles) again until mid-late June. I had SUCH awful swelling I bought a dozen different pairs of compression socks. It helped a bit. Also while pregnant I found myself frequently envying skinny ankles of strangers on subways. Pregnancy is a hoot!

    Also, you look fantastic!

  2. You are soo beautiful!

    my ankles were cankles for about a month after having baby. i often dreamed about taking a needle to them just to see if all the water would deflate them. next time, i'll experiment.