Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 39:

One week from the due date!

Friday morning I went in for a weekly check in with my team of midwives. While in the midst of the, um, inspection under the hood, shall we say, my practitioner told me that I am a celebrity of sorts around her office. 

Oh? I asked, which is really all I could manage considering the situation. Seems my story-time-lady days are still talked about and it turns out that Midwife Melodie is also a big fan of the pillows I make! So there we were, talking about needle crafts and in the next breath she told me that I am not at all dilated or showing signs of pending labor.  

Once I was back on my feet I let her know that I'll be part of a group show in Harrisonburg during the month of July, and won't she come out? Snapping off her gloves she said she would see me there, if not at the hospital first. 

I really, really don't want to still be pregnant in July.

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