Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 2: Eat, Play, Love.

 Desmond is spending July 4th weekend doing some of his favorite things:
eating, napping, eating, visiting friends, eating, sticking his fingers in his mouth when hes not eating, hiccuping, making eyes at the ladies and eating.

Desmond is already above his birth weight and doing well. His belly-button stump has fallen off (a yucky process this- the little brown thing that fell off the baby will forever be known as 'baby jerky',) and sleeps long enough that neither Rob or I are total basket cases.

As far as being a nursing mom: I was hungry when I was pregnant, but nothing like this; I have seriously considered getting in the car at three AM to find a cheese-steak sub.  Also, I never thought I might welcome having a third nipple. 


  1. Oh I love the sleepy milky smiley face. It's awesome.

  2. What a beautiful baby! He seems so content and dreamy. Hope you are well.

  3. i told you about the hungries! ridic, right? and baby jerky? you make me laugh. can't wait to see you - smooch that baby face for me!