Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Talk

I spend a lot of time with Desmond. A LOT of TIME. In fact, the only time I am truly alone, no baby, no husband or co-workers is about two hours on Thursday where I am in the car rushing either to or from work. This is not a complaint at all, just a fact, and truth be told I would rather spend my time talking to the cute baby rather than many of the adults I talk to who merely think they are cute.

Here is a list of a few things I have caught myself, or been caught by somone else, saying to the baby, and if you know me well enough you will know just the sound of my voice when I make these pronouncements:
  • Are there tickles in there? Are there any tickles in there? Where do the tickles live? (as I repeatedly poke an annoyed baby in the armpits)
  •  Who has potato feet? Are these your little round potato feet? Can I eat your potatoes?
  • Is there a burp/fart/poop inside of you? Is it coming out?
Post your favorites (mine, yours or otherwise) in the comments. I can't be the only one talking gibberish most of the time.  We will be here, working on sitting up, making more teeth, hopefully some hair and striking terror into the cats.


  1. He is just to cute, and getting so big I can't believe that he is almost 6 months old. And I and E-squared haven't seen him yet. We really need to get together sometime. you sound like you are being a great mom and it shows on his little face. I hope rob is being good too. Love ya.

  2. (to a crying baby): Oohhhhhh, Cranker-pants!

    [I think I started using this phrase when I was watching Ava when she was an infant. It stuck with me. I caught my sister-in-law using it with my niece and/or nephew a while back.] ;0)