Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The big D has suddenly started turning into a real little boy. Eating real food (sweet potatoes and peas are the hot number around here,) singing and yammering constantly and able to entertain himself with his toys or feet so that Mama can sneak in an extra 20 minutes of blessed sleep.

Four top teeth are coming in and the boy should be quite toothsome in another few days. He has two on the bottom already, and though I know this is 100% normal I have become so used to his gummy smile the teeth look odd and fake, like teeth on a chicken.

The boy made out like a bandit this holiday and there is nothing else we need until he is at least 10. For someone this small he sure has a lot of stuff. There is no reason to ever purchase baby stuff from a store- almost everything we have is a hand-me-down and he is growing out of it all so quickly we are already planning on filling up the car and taking it to friends who are expecting.  They are getting all of it. All. Of. It.

Bath time is immensely popular, as are dogs, the cats, daddy's sideburns, the bouncer, removing his own socks and placing his pacifier into his mouth alone.

Desmond loves anything that I pour myself to drink- he always gets the first sip of seltzer water and has had the delicious good fortune of tasting Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon  (just a bit of gravy off my spoon). After wholly rejecting rice cereal but grabbing at my stew dish I hope that my son has a discerning palate. Now we just have to keep him from crying with fear at the noise the food processor makes when I make his baby food.

Desmond also curls his toes very tightly into what Rob calls 'foot fist' which to me sounds like a badly translated Kung-Fu movie title. 
Butternut Squash Goatee.
9 pounds 4.8 oz
21 1/4"
First Dr. Visit
9 pounds 2 oz

Second Dr. Visit
9 pounds 12 oz
Visit to midwives 10 pounds 11 oz

Two Month Visit 14 pounds 7 oz
23 1/4"
Four Month Visit 18 pounds 5 oz
26 1/2"
Six Month Visit
21 pounds 3 oz
27 1/2"

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