Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Birthday, Baby Desmond!
Cake face.

I cannot fathom that a year has already gone by. This tiny man showed up, stole our hearts and made me fall in love with the whole world again. I get to see everything though my son's eyes and it is wondrous. What did I do with my time before? Every day is so long, but the year has gone by in a flash.

We celebrated today with a group of close friends, Including Adam R. who christened Baby D 'ClayWanda' and all the honorary uncles: Uncle Toothpick, Uncle Handfart, Uncle Beardo and Uncle Hot Pockets. We also have a friend named Lunchbox. I would list the ladies that were here too, their names are not as interesting as the fellas, but they are no less loved.

Desmond ate cake today. Those who know me will report that I am very strict about what my family eats. The big D ate an iced cupcake, licked his fingers clean and then attempted to crawl around and eat the crumbs off the floor. Its going to be tough going back to yogurt, quinoa and lentils tomorrow. The little man had a huge day and fell asleep an hour before his usual bedtime.

Happy Birthday my heart. You are so loved by so many people. I am so happy you turned up.


  1. Happy birthday, D! I love how incredibly amazing that icing is to him!

  2. happy birthday, little man! (don't tell your mommy, i will FILL you with refined sugar and wonderbread when she's not looking. it will be our secret)