Saturday, March 2, 2013

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When I step back and watch Desmond and Rob playing together, reading stories or wrestling I am often amazed at how similar they look. The same profile, the same curly hair, the same long torso, and (forgive me for over sharing) they totally have matching butts.  If I had not actually incubated this child in my body I might question his parentage.

Every once in a while when we are out and about at the grocery store or at the park a stranger tells me, "he looks just like you!" and I get really excited and very earnestly say THANK YOU but, deep down I know its not true. Desmond looks like his Daddy. So much so that pictures of baby Rob might as well be pictures of baby Desmond:

Thanks, Maw Maw Teresa and Aunt Marion for the photos and the awesome collage!


  1. this doesn't surprise me at all. always though he looked exactly like Rob :) he is getting so big! (desmond, not rob)