Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bubbles Bubbles Daddy Bubbles BAAAAABUUULLLS!

Bubbles, Folks. 
That's the hot thing around here. In the tub, on the porch, in the grass. 
And they all go -right into the mouth- as soon as Desmond can catch them.

Recent Desmond-y Preoccupations and Interests:
  1. Monster Mutt: Rob pulled up some videos of a monster truck made to look like a puppy. It bounces, hops and has ears and a tail. I thought I hated this, but then on further inspection, I want to drive the "doggietruck? doggie truuuuck doggie truck" as D refers to it. Also, there is a Datamation version, driven by a woman. 
  2.  Bubbles! So easy, makes the baby so happy! Why on earth did I not buy bubbles a year ago. See above.
  3. Dinosaurs. So. Many. Dinosaurs. Rawr. D even has a giant orange dinosaur on wheels he rides from room to room, and when he makes it to the kitchen linoleum he can drift around the kitchen table like nobody's business.
  4. Pretending to be a kitty. On all fours, yelling MEOW. Also, every time he hears the rooster next door he yells, 'CHICKEN'! (D, what does a chicken say? Response? A single loud, 'BUUCK'!
  5. Always jeans, never pants. Jeans. Like Daddy and Mama. Not. Pants. NO.
  6. Words- so many words. One day, he will learn the word, 'why?' So help me. 
In 25 days the big D will be 2 years old. When did that happen? Sometimes we look at him and marvel that he is taller than the kitchen table. That he can climb in and out of the tub without help, walk up and down stair easily, jump up and down, count to three (sorta), ask for pancakes, hummus, blueberries or Big Bird and make himself understood. 

Just for the sake of comparison, here is what a bath looked like a year ago:

Sniff. So big. So fast. 



  1. Awesome! I gotta check out the monster dog truck! Gibson will love it. 2 is a great age. Golden, even. 'Why', just started here. Sigh.