Saturday, August 3, 2013

Three hours at the Richmond, VA Children's Museum

Desmond's daddy had a tattoo appointment with out dear friend Max in Richmond this afternoon and we decided that this would be a cool family trip- Max hasn't seen D. in almost a year, and while Rob sits for his appointment we spent some time at the Children's Museum of Richmond, otherwise known as the best place, ever. Ever. EVAHHH!

The fist stop was the outdoor fountain- and yes, we were both walking around with squishy shoes the rest of the day:
  Next, inside- the farm for the under three kids, complete with a farm-stand, truck and a place to plant your own veggies:

Then, into the main room- this place is amazing! Dinosaurs, caverns, a tree house indoors that lets you slide down a giant slide to get down, a real ambulance to drive, a carousel, a car to repair, a grocery store to play in. D and I both had so much fun that I expected him to pass out on the drive home, but the little man beasted through the day and played and smiled and laughed in the car on the way home and all the way through bath and bedtime. 

I am so proud of him. He is two, and they call these the 'terrible twos' yet, he was so engaged today, so excited to have so much to play with and so many kids around him (Desmond said HI to everyone. Every One.)  and to interact with, that every time I asked him to give another kid a turn he listened and was excited to move to a new activity. Older kids helped D through some activities- which totally broke my heart and I hope those parents are patting themselves on the back tonight- including the sassiest little girl who was pretending to sell D groceries who asked:  MMM, You Got Any COUPONS? I nearly took her home with us.  And Jamal- age three. Jamal walked up to D and immediately gave him a high-five. Jamal introduced himself, and for the first time I heard D tell someone new what his name is. They they had plastic lawn mower races all over the courtyard. If Jamal's grandmother had let me Jamal would have come home with us too.

Giant indoor tree house!

Desmond changes an air filter.

Driving an Ambulance.

Desmond and Jamal race lawnmowers.

Riding a Dinosaur.

I can't wait to go back! Maybe more than Desmond, even. 

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