Sunday, December 19, 2010

15 weeks, or, how much longer can I wear these pants?

Here we are at 15 weeks, or about three and a half months.  I can still wear most of the clothes I own, but considering that Rob and I are both tall people I am going to guess that the little Layne will also be a tall person and certainly one that occupies a lot of my insides. One with curly hair and most likely a sense of humor for anything inappropriate, just like his/her parents.

My co-workers have started making (very creative) suggestions to me about what the baby Layne should be named, and one in particular has stuck: ClayWanda.  Full name: ClayWanda Sparkel (spar-KELL) Layne.  It has quite a ring to it, no?

I began to realize that I might need to invest in a maternity shirt or two several days after ClayWanda's naming day while in conversation with Adam R., the office mate that chose the name.  I stretched my arms above my head and my sweater rode up to reveal a strip of belly skin, the sight of which caused Adam to shriek, "OH MY GAAAAAD I JUST SAW CLAYWANDA'S HOUSE!"


  1. I don't want to use LOL or ROFL, as I'm sitting here on my couch and did not actually roll on the floor, and typing is not hard. But I sure did chuckle. as quietly as possible, about seeing claywanda's house. I'm trying not to wake my own little bundle of goodness. It didn't work.

    Yay for the ever growing alien inside of you!

  2. You look really cute and happy. ;-)

  3. i second what lauren said - also sitting on my couch, also trying not to wake the little one, but i did have to stifle a snort. you're looking amazing!