Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congrats! You are going to be GRANDPARENTS!

Yesterday was Rob's birthday and we took the opportunity to spill the beans to the family.  The afternoon was spent letting Magda know.  A few days earlier I reminded her that her favorite son-in-law would love a call from her, and so Robby and I began to scheme. The conversation went like this:

Magda: Happy Birthday blahblahblah and I miss you and can't wait to see you both!
Rob: What are you doing in June?
M: (confused) June?
R: Because Annie is going to have a baby in June!
M: (now utterly confused) Annie?? (like she has no idea who I am.)
R: Annie!
M: Your wife Annie?


Later on we met some of the Laynes- and sprung some ultrasound pictures on them without any explanation. I think the pictures say more than I can:

The questioning faces... clarity!

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