Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 31: Role of the New Father

Dear Readers,
As my belly gets bigger and we prepare for little Blobby Layne to arrive you have been keeping tabs on my physical changes, my musings on pending motherhood and my heartburn.  Heartburn that comes and goes at random that is only tamed by copious amounts of tropical fruit flavored antacids, none of which have ever made me stop and admire, 'mmm pineapple'.

Rob has been an incredibly supportive father-to-be.  He keeps up on the weekly updates telling us how big the baby is (like four navel oranges) and sends me little pick-me-up emails telling me that I am the prettiest fat lady on the planet. He comes to meet the midwives with me and brings me seltzer water when the flames of indigestion rise.

By far my favorite is when Rob sings to my belly.  He leans in, face at my navel and provides both me and Blobby with his smooth baritone renditions of popular tunes, epic heavy metal vocalizations and often, jingles from the radio.  Today, however his choice of song may have opened up a future in children's entertainment:  

I woke from an afternoon nap and Blobby's daddy came in prepared with a song. He started out with a tune I recognized as Cher's 1971 solo hit, 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves', only modified to better suit the very young audience; what came out of my husband's mouth was the loudest, most enthusiastic perfomance of 'GYPSIES, CHIMPANZEES' anyone has ever heard.

And so, Rob Layne's career in music for children is born, a mere two months before the arrival of his infant son.  


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  1. i can so clearly see this one and love it...big squeezes to all three of you!