Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 33: Showered and Ready

This past Saturday Robby, Blobby and I were showered by our family and friends! 

Events were held in the downstairs lounge at the Clementine (where, you may remember, Robby and I got married,) and I wore my RED DRESS in which I resembled the Kool-Aid Man in the best way possible.

Entertainment was provided by a local belly dance troupe who held a workshop after; pictures will eventually show up in the flickr feed on the blog homepage.

We are about 7 weeks (!) from Blobby's arrival and we are armed to the teeth with all of the things we will need to dress, bathe, drive around with, and entertain a newborn and ourselves as we get into new routines, staying up all night begging the little man to lighten up and let us all sleep.  We are blessed with amazing friends and family- people who love children, and in some cases people who can't stand kids yet love us enough to show their support all along the way. Thanks for sharing our excitement and not feeding our fears. The shower was great. The feeling of love and community and family Rob and I both experienced after we came home and processed the whole thing was even greater than I thought possible.


  1. So glad you had a good time! Sorry I missed it - my day turned into a sandstorm (details later). Hope you're getting lots of rest today:)

  2. we had twin boys the first time around - you're a lightweight!
    Seriously, we are so happy for you!

    Your cuz, Dale