Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 34: Six week til Magic Time.

This Week Blobby, Rob and I:
  • I made a paper crane mobile to hang over Blobby's crib.
  • Rob and I got to see the wee man over ultrasound. He meets all the specs for someone at week 34 and is definably a boy. Also, he has a big noggin.
  • We are getting closer to getting the baby's room ready for action and Rob and I discovered that we are both hoarders of paper: we gave each other permission to throw out the Christmas cards from 1996 kept in a shoebox, the back-issues of BUST magazine dating back to when I was an undergrad and the sofa in the office that not one single person has actually sat on since I moved in more then two years ago.
  • I discovered Simple Little Baby, a business started by local moms that promote and sell cloth diapering, breast feeding and baby wearing. They have an incredible Cloth Diaper Trial too!
  • Delighted in seeing the faces of my (very) weight-conscious office-mates who constantly diet and go to the gym on their lunch breaks upon returning from the office of my midwife looking like THAT and reporting that I lost 7 pounds. 
  • In another week I'll be 8 months pregnant. Please, someone, come help me get up off the sofa.

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