Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 35: Mother's Day

I am so big that this is all that fits in the camera viewfinder. Rob had to take this picture from across the street. I am so fat that I broke our TV from across the room.

So, its Mother's Day.  Today also marks that I am 8 months pregnant. I am due June 9, and I am glad as its starting to get crowded in here. Feet do not belong nestled in my ribcage, nor do I enjoy peeing every 20 minutes. 
Several people have asked if Rob got me a card for Mother's day.  He didn't, but lets be honest, I haven't produced a child, I have only harbored one. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you: to everyone that is a mother, has a mother, is a kitty- or puppy-mama, or anyone that takes care of those that need taking care of. Moms come in a lot of shapes and sizes and they all deserve our appreciation. 
Magda, I love you especially. No one can drive me nuts the way you can, and if your curse comes true- the one where I have children that behave the same way I did- well, sit back, enjoy the show and laugh. You earned it!

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  1. Darling Annie,
    You will look fondly back at the getting up every 20 minutes to pee. I promise. You will be baffled by how simple your life was with feet in your ribcage. Also, the little buggers are squirmy on the outside- and frequently put their feet in the darndest places- from the outside too. Ribcage, bewbs, whatever. Happy first mother's day. Even if you're more of a baby house right now than a baby mama.... It still counts.