Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 36: ClayWanda and Calamity

We are roughly 28 days from our due date! I have been at home more than usual resting on my left side- its good for the circulation, I am told- and also nesting: cleaning things that I normally would ignore like the areas under the sink in the bathroom and then totally reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, home library and closets.

We did venture out today, meeting friends for brunch. Somewhere between getting out of the car and finishing my hash browns the key to my car liberated itself from my keyring and became lost. We live about 40 miles from where we met with friends, looked everywhere and the key was GONE. The friends we were with came in on their motorcycle, so a ride back to our house was out of the question. 

Enter my good friend and co-worker Rosie F. who randomly appeared like a fairy godmother and upon discovering our situation offered to 1. Pay for a cab for us to get to her house where 2. instructed us to break in to her home (where her 200 pound dog also resides and is fortunately crated) and, 3. take her car keys, and then her car, all the way back to our house to get our spare keys. We took her up on numbers 2 and 3 and drove her car on the interstate through a torrential rain storm with the hazard lights flashing.

We got home, finally, to the television I broke last week, a geriatric cat that needs his meds, a skunk in the front flowerbed and then I reached up and stuck my hand in the ceiling fan blade. Oh Blobby Layne, you are in for it; your mama can be a hot mess and you are a lucky little man that there are people out there that love you THIS MUCH already.

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  1. oh, darlin'. love coming atcha from ny. so glad you were taken care of and hopefully this will be the only day you ever have like this.