Saturday, October 29, 2011

Giant Baby VS. My Spine

All my adult life I have suffered from back pain. I have been to 4 different chiropractors, been laid up with sciatica, I once rotated a hip after slipping and falling on winter snow and one time I bent over to tie my shoes and didn't straighten up for three days. While pregnant with the boy I couldn't stand for more than a few minutes without my right leg going totally numb and there were all the sleepless nights due to internal spine-punching.

Now I have a giant infant to pick up 570 times a day and I have been introduced to a whole new arena of spasm and pain! But every smile and giggle I get makes it worth it. 

Some of you may have seen this (totally adorable) photo of Maw Maw and Desmond on Facebook the other day when Des got his giraffe costume. What I would like to point out is the tag: The child wearing the giraffe suit on the tag is standing up by himself and waving at the camera. My kid can neither stand, sit up or wave unassisted as he is only 4 and a half months old. The animal suit is made and sized for a 12 month old, a child that should be able to do all of the above. 

I have a Giant Infant who has never yet eaten solid food. I love my son, and in about three more weeks I won't be able to pick him up anymore.

Here are the most recent stats:

9 pounds 4.8 oz
21 1/4"
First Dr. Visit
9 pounds 2 oz

Second Dr. Visit
9 pounds 12 oz
Visit to midwives 10 pounds 11 oz

Two Month Well Baby Visit 14 pounds 7 oz
23 1/4"
Four Month Visit 18 pounds 5 oz
26 1/2"

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