Monday, October 17, 2011


Desmond is four months old and life as we once knew it is over forever. No longer is the boy just the newborn baby-slug that has no mind of its own and lives in eat-sleep-poop-cry mode. Oh No. Now there are so many THINGS:
  • Rolling over. Back to front and over and over and over until the baby is hiding under the coffee table and mama freaks out that the baby is *gone*.
  • The Drools Have Begun (read that like you are this man) and I'm guessing that teeth are not too far behind.
  • Interest in everything I am eating. I nearly had a large glass of water knocked out of my hands because someone's little apple-grabbers wanted some. Desmond has gummed on the following: watermelon, half a grape, honeydew, carrot sticks, a piece of pita bread and because I craved pancakes so badly while pregnant I fed him a teeny piece at brunch the other weekend and was rewarded with toothless smile. I think we might start rice cereal and bananas next week. Here is a photo of the boy after eating lemons:
just kidding.
  • Tiny feet have been interesting from the start, but boy, are they cool now that they can go directly into Desmond's mouth.
  • Laughing! This has only happened on a few occasions, and mostly for our freind Leah who is hilarious! Its a big belly laugh and I can't wait to hear more.
  • The cats are now fair game and if they get close enough to the baby chances are they are leaving with a bald spot.  I have little sympathy and I keep a close eye on both parties for bad behavior.
  • The child is getting really big-he is in 6-9 month clothing and I swear that sometimes the feetie pajamas that fit at bedtime are too small at 6 am.
  • Here are some random pictures I love from the last couple of weeks:

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