Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 14: Singing!

The last time I saw my CD copy of PJ Harvey's Dry it was nestled in the console of Magda's car. This was about two years ago and I think its very possible that she rocks out to tunes like this on her ride over to yoga class.  She can still pick out a Smiths tune in the first few bars thanks to the fact that I had The Queen Is Dead on repeat from 1992-94, and I am pretty sure she know who The Creatures, Bikini Kill and Faith No More are.

We often have music appreciation at home and when I sing to the baby I generally skip the usual lullabies - because honestly, I don't know any- a stick to songs like Brand New Key and this one, Mairzy Doats, which turns out was a favorite Layne family ditty that Rob and I both sing to the boy, loudly and with much enthusiasm (see the previous post about Rob's singing career doing Cher covers,) sometimes until Desmond cries and we are forced to stop. 

If you listen carefully in the video above you will hear PJ Harvey's You Said Something playing in the background over Desmond's singing.  If he grows up with the talent for music it won't be anything he's inherited from his parents, but we sure hope to impart the same excitement and enthusiasm that we have for music, and maybe, just maybe we will get matching outfits and become the Layne Family Singers and entertain you- until, of course you cry and we are forced to stop.

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  1. When Moira was first born I sang Sesame Street's "La La La La Lemon" to her all the time. Moira says, "Maybe he's laughing at the song."