Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Months Old!

Desmond can tell it better than I can, but its been a big few weeks:

  • I have gone back to work, and the transition has been easy for him, and not as easy for me, but not in the ways I expected: Desmond can eat. EAT. Sometime the multiple bags of frozen breast milk only last until noon. Sometimes I sit at my desk and wonder if I really will bust if I don't get off the phone and pump, already, which have already turned into me speeding over to the sitter's house and nursing, all before my west coast clients have had their first coffee.
  • Desmond has been to two Roller Derby bouts, and has already made some baby-friends there; He met his first girl-baby last weekend and it went as you would expect- all eyebrows and coos. Lock up your daughters...
  • This is a transcript of a text message from Rob, to me, this morning. Rob was keeping an eye on the Eat Beast while I spent the morning at the office: "I may also have to give him formula before you get home, and there is pee all over the loveseat."
  • Coming up: Desmond will be attending his second wedding, wearing feetie-pajamas in 6-9 size as he is nearly as tall as his Daddy, he's working on the Journey songbook in case they need another new singer. All in a day's work.
  •  Its hard work being the baby.

1 comment:

  1. I've got some 4T feetie-pajamas for you when you need them in December then.
    I'll be buying Mr. Desmond a copy of the game Tell Tale for his first birth so he can continue with his great storytelling skills.