Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 26: Me and My Shadow

This week ClayWanda and I:
  • Went to Richmond to see the Picasso exhibit at the VMFA, 
  • We ate delicious Indian food, 
  • Watched the Banksy documentary about street art Exit Through the Gift shop, 
  • Had our eyes examined and and an old filling replaced, 
  • Made clam chowder, and
  • Got a sweet new Motorhead hoodie (Annie sized) from ClayWanda's Daddy who went to NC for the show this weekend. It zips all the way over the belly!
I say we, even though I am capable of doing all of these things all by myself, but ClayWanda  provides a lot of support and reminds me frequently that I am in good company, mostly by punching me in the spine at regular intervals. I am Not Alone.

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  1. Annie I've told you before the voices in your head ARE THERE they are not your imagination so you are never